This hilarious video about how “Beauty and the Beast” should have ended has gone viral

It’s no surprise that everyone’s got Beauty and the Beast fever. After all, the live-action version with Emma Watson hits theaters this weekend. But for those fans of the original, a popular YouTube account made a video about how Beauty and the Beast should have ended using vaguely similar animation. To say it’s incredible is an understatement.

Even though we love the film, we do have some questions about it. In this video, a lot of those are addressed.

While the new ending isn’t quite as uplifting as the original, it’s a bit more factual. (And yes, we know that a movie about a human who morphs into a beast who morphs back into a human shouldn’t totally be “factual,” but you catch our drift.)

We like the fact that they namedropped Suicide Squad, and even incorporated the original “stained glass” animation from the beginning of the Disney film!

And while we love the Lumière cameo, we must admit that we’re a little bummed out that he didn’t get to sing in this video.


But, think about it — “Be Our Guest” had so much choreography that surely the Beast was tired of hearing it by that point. He was probably really psyched that Belle was in the castle since he finally had a “guest” that could hear the song in its entirety.

Most importantly, the video focuses on the fact that even though they were in love, the Beast was still maimed a bit by Gaston and the gang. We guess we always thought that if the power of the rose could transform him, it could also cure him of his wounds.

But, maybe not.

While we’re sure that Emma Watson’s version doesn’t end this way, we love the fact that the video at least acknowledges the alternate way it all could have played out. We’ll be watching this multiple times before this weekend hits, no doubt about it.

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