13 behind-the-scenes photos of Victoria’s Secret models that you won’t see during the big show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show doesn’t air until December 5th, but we’re already getting some amaaaazing sneak peaks at the catwalk. Maybe our favorite part, though, are seeing the social media posts from the models backstage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It looks like the world’s most perfect toned and made-up girl gang — the women all seem to genuinely enjoy hanging out together, and we’re uber envious of these pink robes. Like, seriously. Where do we get these? Also, how do we become friends with all of these fabulous people? UGH. Take a gander, but maybe look at a few of the most attractive pictures of yourself you have, just so when your self esteem takes some hits you’re prepared.

Here are the 2016 VS models just minutes before hitting the famous catwalk.

1. This photo of Kendall Jenner in which she looks like an ACTUAL ANGEL.


2. This pic of Adriana Lima that looks kinda like we do while getting ready, only like 400000x more glamorous.

3. This pic of Alessandra Ambrosio that makes us reeeeeally want one of these pink satin robes all the models are rocking. (And also a guy to push us around on a trunk, thanks.)

4. This candid pic of Irina Shayk that’s JUST NOT FAIR because WHO LOOKS LIKE THAT?

5. This group photo that is giving us major #squadgoals.

6. This Insta of Joan Smalls. Like, we love the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but we’re not sure our egos can take it.

7. Yet another pic that is KILLING us with #squad envy.


8. This pic of Lily Aldridge in the final moments before the show.

9. They get DIRECTOR’S CHAIRS? AND SHINY ROBES? Our jealousy and admiration knows no bounds.

10. Have we MENTIONED squad goals? ‘Cause yeah.


11. This pic of Izabel Goulart where she points out in the caption she’s been walking that runway for TWELVE YEARS. Damn, girl.

12. This amazing gif we’re definitely saving and waiting for the perfect opportunity to use.

13. This picture that’s TOO gorgeous and also reminds us that even Angels take silly selfies with friends.

This is too much glamor in one post, tbh.