Things that only happen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

In case you haven’t heard, the 2014 Victoria Secret Fashion Show just happened. While the event, which airs on CBS on December 9th, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we can’t deny that it’s quite the spectacle — and we also can’t deny that some of its traditions both baffle and amaze us. Here are just a few of the more unusual occurrences that were totally normal at last night’s big event in London:

It’s OK to wear robes in public. That’s pretty awesome.

Before the show all the models get ready, wearing the same silk pink robes and their hair all in curlers—and nobody thinks they just got out of the shower or anything.

‘Fantasy Bras’ are kind of heavy and really expensive.
We could be wrong, but we’re willing to bet that you’ve never put on your daily lingerie and thought “Wouldn’t it be stellar if this was made of metal and encrusted with DIAMONDS??” However, at the VS Fashion Show, a ‘Fantasy Bra’ is always created in a yearly tradition which incorporates bras and precious gemstones. Generally the bras are valued at anywhere from $2 million to $12.5 million. This year, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima both wore $2 million dollar ruby and diamond encrusted numbers. Sure, the bras are amazing looking, but my version of a fantasy bra has a lot less underwire and I can wear it to the gym.

A bunch of grown women wear wings. 
While wearing giant, ornate appendages on their back might seem like more of a punishment than a reward, not every VS Angel actually gets to wear the iconic wings. Last year only 30 of the 70 looks were accessorized with wings. This year, there were 39 wings, if you’re doing a count. Behati Prinsloo opened the show with a pair of wild gold flappers.

And then there were these.

And yes, these are wings too. Sort of.

Peacocking is taken so literally

Backpacks are paired with a bra and maybe some multi-colored leg-warmers. What?

Someone has to wear a giant wall of pink Graffiti while being serenaded, obvs

T-Swift shows up and just owns everything.

Wait, someone actually walked in the other direction while our lady Swift was singing? I know, I know she was catwalking, but still.

It’s pretty clear that this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show pulled out all the stops, with performances from  Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande herself. All the same, we can’t help but take comfort in the fact that we don’t actually need to wear feathered wings and million-dollar bras in our day-to-day lives. We’ll just stick to our comfy cotton undies and leave the diamond-studded lingerie for braver souls, thankyouverymuch!

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