You fans think Victoria Pedretti and Hilary Duff are celebrity twins, and it’s so eerie

Fans of Netflix’s You can probably attest to the fact that watching the show is like watching Lizzie McGuire. Not because both protagonists supply viewers with life advice (although Joe/Will’s is way gnarlier), but because they include characters that look extremely alike. Yup, we know what you’re thinking, and we totally agree. We also think that Love, played by actress Victoria Pedretti, has an eerie resemblance to Hilary Duff.

It gets even more fascinating when you remember the fact that Hilary Duff used to play one of Penn Badgley’s love interests on Gossip Girl. The actress once guest-starred on the show as Olivia Burke, an NYU student who romanced Dan Humphrey. Oh, and we have to mention just how much Hilary’s husband, Matthew Koma, resembles Penn, too.

To prove a point, fans took the time to put Love/Will and Hilary/Matthew’s photos side by side to compare.

Can you see it? Goosebumps, incoming!

Even the official Twitter account of You agrees, throwing a reference to Love and Will’s terms of endearment on the show: “how much you wanna bet their vows had ‘i wolf you’”

Fans on Twitter can’t stop making comparisons. Some even think Victoria and Hilary have one other long lost triplet: Kat Dennings.

Neither Victoria nor Hilary have weighed in about whether or not they agree that they’re celebrity twins, but we’re hoping to see them working together soon. With You Season 3 in the works, it would definitely be interesting to have Hilary as part of the cast. We’re crossing our fingers.

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