You’s Victoria Pedretti is blonde now, and even Joe Goldberg would do a double-take

Is Victoria Pedretti trying to hide in plain sight or something? The actress best known for playing Love Quinn on Netflix’s You and Nell Crane/Dani Clayton on Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House recently debuted new blonde hair while on a New York City press tour. And the new color looks so natural that we can barely believe she wasn’t always a blonde bombshell.

Pedretti, whom we’ve only ever known to have brown hair—be it a dark brown in Hill House or lighter chestnut with honey streaks in You—is now sporting a full blonde ‘do with darker roots and ashy lengths.


It’s unclear if Pedretti has undergone the style change in order to embody a new character, or if she’s simply trying something new for herself. But no matter what, we must admit that blonde definitely suits her.

The dye job was done by celebrity hairstylist Rebekah Forecast, who later styled Pedretti’s new color into a messy braided updo to officially debut the new look.

You see what we mean? The color is so convincing that it feels like Pedretti has been blonde this entire time.

To be fair, Pedretti was blonde as kid, as evident in the childhood photos she’s shared to Instagram. So, that definitely explains how she’s pulling it off so seamlessly.

We can’t wait to see if Pedretti will keep her blonde locks through the winter and into spring. When celebs lighten their hair, it begins to feel more and more like summer. Then again, we’d be just as excited to learn if this new ‘do is the sign of a new Pedretti role.

Our fingers are crossed for both.

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