Victoria Justice talks about when she feels sexiest, and we get it, girl

One of the best things about individuality is that there’s no one way to feel sexy AF.  And Cosmo let us know that Victoria Justice revealed when she feels sexiest — and we’re way on board, lady!

We’ve written about 13 ways to never be tired for sexy time and mundane everyday things that are actually sexy, but it’s great to get a glimpse into the personal life of someone as badass as Justice. She’s taking a break from proving blush pink is still the color for fall to share this truth bomb, and we’re grateful to be on the receiving end!

Here’s what she had to say:

"I feel sexiest when I throw on a leather jacket, t-shirt, nice pair of jeans that hug my body well, a pair of little chunky boots and a red lip."

We feel you, girl! And was it a coincidence that she was sporting a heavenly red lip in this video?

Regardless, it’s a good reminder that sexy time and sexiness doesn’t always have to be about elaborate lingerie and grand gestures; it can be throwing on your jeans on a random Wednesday, and heading out the door feeling confident.

Justice also talks about “ghosting” (as in, she would never!), how she couldn’t date someone if they didn’t love her dog and family, guilty pleasures, and more. As in, make you sure you watch the whole thing.

Thanks for sharing, Victoria!

Now excuse us while we slap on some jeans and crush this day in super sexy style.