Victoria Beckham took the sheer shirt trend and (literally) made it her own

Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about adding some spice to her wardrobe, and it seems she’s found just the du jour item to do so: a sheer shirt.

For her latest look out in London, Victoria slipped on a sheer baby-blue collared button-down blouse from her own eponymous line. The poplin-trimmed mesh shirt looks more like a pastel work of art than a mere top, which would explain its hefty $706 price tag. A tiered navy chiffon skirt added some swanky movement and a salsa-like flair. If it looks at all familiar to you, then you probably recognize it from the runway of VB’s latest spring 2018 show at New York Fashion Week.


An oxblood square cross-body satchel bag and slouched boots in the same shade added a poised contrast to the blue-on-blue look. And in true Posh fashion, Victoria finished the look with a pair of oversized shades and her classic smirk.

If anyone gets the subtle art of sophisticated street style, it is so Victoria Beckham.


If you keep tabs on celebrity trends with laser focus (us!), then you’re well aware of the huge splash sheer ensembles have made both on the red carpet and on the street. And while “sheer” can quickly transition into “naked,” VB managed to put a truly ladylike twist on the see-through fabric. After all, this is the Victoria Beckham, singer-turned-fashion-designer extraordinaire. If she can’t tackle a daunting style challenge, then no one can.

Fashionistas will also note that Mrs. Beckham is wearing head-to-toe Victoria Beckham, all from her latest collection. Which is, of course, a genius move, as VB never fails to be her own best advertisement. Keep the stellar looks coming, lady.

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