Victoria Beckham dressed like a minion and the internet is rejoicing

Minion mania is officially everywhere. And we mean EVERYWHERE. People can’t get enough of these goofy little yellow guys. There are Minion t-shirts. Minion action figures. Minion phone cases. Anything you can imagine, you can get with a grinning Minion on it. (Case in point.)

The latest person to shout their Minion love from the rooftops is none other than Victoria Beckham. That’s right: The artist formerly known as Posh Spice donned a Minion onesie, consented to documenting it and voluntarily shared the photographic evidence with us on Instagram.

“What can I say? I was inspired x vb #Minions,” she captioned the pic.

How fantastic is this photo? Let us count the ways. First of all, the fact that Victoria Beckham owns an adult sized Minion onesie is downright delightful. Instant Mom points right there. Second of all, she’s doing a little pose, with her hands thrown up—so we know she’s taking this seriously. Best of all, she included a picture of her personalized Minion character, a fierce little lady dressed to the nines in all black. We love Victoria’s silly side!

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Beckham Family has shown its love for Minions. Earlier this summer, Victoria shared a picture of husband David’s (temporary) Minion tattoo, selected by their daughter Harper.

What can we say? The Beckhams make Minions looks good!

(Featured image via Instagram)

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