Victoria Beckham just got the perfect beginning-of-summer haircut

As pretty as long hair is, during the summer it can be definitely be kind of a drag. It’s way too hot to let it hang loose down your back and way too hot to deal with heat styling it. More often than not, it ends up tossed hastily into a messy bun or ponytail, maybe a braid if you’re feeling lucky.

Sometimes, summer ends up being the best time to give your hair a seasonal update, much like how Victoria Beckham just did. Beckham has keep her dark hair long for awhile, wearing it in a wavy, layered look that landed in the middle of her back. Well, yesterday on Instagram, she posted that she made the great chop, cutting off several inches.

Celebrity hairdresser Luke Hersheson cut Beckham’s hair into a long bob, or a lob. He actually kept it on the longer side, styling it into perfectly tousled waves. Beckham then posted a shot of her new cut, decorating with a daisy chain. Doesn’t this look like the perfect summer cut?

Beckham posted a few more photos of her new cut on Instagram to promote her new makeup collection through Estée Lauder. She looks gorgeous, obvs.

What we love most about the lob is that it can be SO EASY. It’s short enough not to be in a pain in the ass, but long enough to style and play with (or to bundle into a bun when you just can’t deal with it). It also can be super low maintenance, in the sense that it will grow out easily. If you’re thinking about going shorter for summer, now is the time and this is the cut, especially since it gives you enough leeway to grow back some length before winter hits and you need your long hair to keep your neck warm.