Victoria Beckham shared her daughter’s latest painting (and she’s clearly a Picasso in the making)

The entire Beckham family is talented. Like, it’s kind of ridiculous how prolific they all are.

There’s David Beckham, who just happens to be one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Then, there’s Victoria Beckham, who was once a pop star and is currently a gifted fashion and makeup designer. As if that isn’t enough for one family, their kids are just as talented.

Brooklyn Beckham is a fashion model (and is really good at choosing love, AKA girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz). 

Romeo Beckham has modeled for huge campaigns like Burberry.

Cruz Beckham has proved himself to be a breakdancer extraordinaire.

And Harper Beckham — the youngest Beckham — is shaping up to be the next Picasso. 

Over the weekend, Harper spent time with her mom and uncle – while showing off her painting skills, of course. (Because a true artist takes a break for no one!) And naturally, her mom snapped a photo of the masterpiece, because that’s just what moms do.

Victoria captioned the photo, “Fun day painting with mummy and Uncle Kenny X Kisses from the sunshine! X @davidbeckham #clevergirl X vb”

Plus, here’s an original Harper from a few months ago.

At only 5 years old, Harper definitely has some artistic talent. But of course, based on the many talents surrounding her, it’s not at all surprising. Super cute, but not surprising.

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