7 photos from Victoria Beckham’s Spice Girls days that you’ve probably never seen before

For so many of us, the Spice Girls were a huge part of our childhood, so celebrating Victoria Beckham’s birthday is a must. This year, Posh Spice turns 44 years old, despite the fact that she barely looks like she’s aged a day since her days touring the world, spreading the message of girl power. She’s always been known for her class and her impeccable style (and her super handsome husband), so it’s no surprise that no matter what year it is, she’s constantly killing it.

In honor of Victoria Beckham’s birthday, here are some old photos of her you’ve probably never seen — and honestly, she’s been flawless forever.

Some of these are totally ’90s, but in others, it’s hard to tell what year it is because her style has always been so timeless… and because this girl has clearly always taken care of her skin.

Either way, these are all a huge blast from the past that you’re going to be thrilled by, and you probably shouldn’t be surprised if these photos have you dusting off your old Spice World VHS tape so you can relive one of the greatest movies of our time.

Don’t worry — you’re definitely not the only one. Can we all be like Posh Spice?

1. This engagement photo


On January 25th, 1998, Victoria and David showed off their engagement rings as they announced their plans to get married. How cute is this?!

2. Being chill while visiting a radio station in 1998


Makeup-free and wearing a baseball cap? Still GORGEOUS.

3. That mom life


Victoria and baby Brooklyn, killing it in that Nike hat. What did we just say about baseball caps?

4. Meeting the queen


The jealousy is real.

5. Hanging out with Ginger in Bali


It’s casual.

6. Learning about the wonders of AOL


This has to be one of the most ’90s photos ever.

7. Being classy AF in Paris


What did we tell you? Timeless.

8. Hanging out with David at a Versace Party



Happy birthday, Victoria! We will never get tired of being awed by your style.

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