How did we never notice Victoria Beckham wearing these two ~very specific~ things throughout 1997?

Victoria Beckham will always be an icon in our eyes. From the day she came exploding out onto the pop culture scene as the ~poshest~ member of the Spice Girls we were all like “OMG, LOVE!”.

And beyond the music, beyond the performances, there was also her impeccable fashion we constantly drooled over – a game which she continues to dominate today.

But in all our obsessive love, we somehow overlooked these two VERY SPECIFIC accessories she basically wore EVERYWHERE back in 1997… and even through 1998 – because when you’re Posh Spice and you have the entire world’s jewelry at your disposal you say, “Fuck it! I love these two things and I’m going to wear them every friggin’ day if I want!”

Here’s Victoria in peak Spice Girls form dressed simply in her signature black, but accessorizing with the chicest gold bangle and matching watch.


Seems like no big deal right? Simple and lovely accessories – whatever! But if we dig a little further (and oh we will), you’ll see that it looks like Victoria was borderline obsessed with these two key pieces of her wardrobe!

Posh wore them while she got ~busy~ with some serious computer work.

She OBVIOUSLY paired them with a matching gold mini (and we know the watch is hidden in this picture, but trust us IT IS THERE).

And obviously you’re not going to NOT pair your stunning white suit with gold jewelry.

And you BET your ass Posh wore her favorite accessories to meet the Queen!

Posh may have changed her hair in the new year (1998), but she’d be damned if that gold bangle and watch were going ANYWHERE…because they sure as heck weren’t.

Heck, she could even shed some of her costumes and STILL dominate the stage with just that bangle and watch.

And, OF COURSE, they were right there on Posh’s wrists as always at the Spice World movie premiere.



Until 1999, that is.


Goodbye gold bangle and watch, hello silver bangle and David.

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