Vetements released “bare butt jeans” and we’re not sure how we feel about it

If you’re looking for some new spring jeans, maybe you should check out the Vetements + Levi’s bare butt jeans. If anything, you won’t get too sweaty in them. Proving that fashion knows no limits, Vetements has released a pair of jeans, in collaboration with Levi’s, that feature zippers. It’s really not all that new to feature zippers up and down the legs —  Adidas windbreaker pants from the ’90s did that. But the zippers on the butt cheeks are certainly a new look. Yes, you can unzip these jeans around the butt and show off your cheeks.

Whatever will they think of next? In one sense, if you love your perky cheeks and don’t mind the fact that bearing your bare butt will certainly get you more attention than you might be used to, go for it. They’re about $1,500 on Net-A-Porter, and if you got it, baby, flaunt it. Three cheers for you. Vetements does what it wants when it comes to fashion, why shouldn’t you? There’s something somehow “practical” about them if you plan on wearing jeans all summer and don’t want to get swamp butt. But otherwise, it’s probably best to steer very, very clear of these jeans.

Although if you really want to rock some of the new Vetements +Levi’s collab pieces, there are other things to choose from — like more traditional black denim booty shorts and some high-waited jeans with pocket accents that won’t get drafty.

These are just the latest jeans to add to the long, long list of “scandalous designer jeans.” Earlier this month, Topshop debuted a pair of “mom jeans” that had clear plastic cut outs over the knee caps. The bare-butt look we can understand, but why anyone needs to show off their knee caps is kind of confusing. But the heart wants what the heart when it comes to denim, and as long as they fit and you’re comfortable in them, wear whatever works.

But maybe think twice about where you’re unzipping, just in case.

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