Vetements, every celeb’s fave sweatpants brand, just hosted a fashion show in a parking lot

Vetements made a name for itself by being way too cool for school. So it’s fitting that Vetements held a fashion show in a parking lot this week — it is a brand famous for its street style appeal, after all. And they’re practicing what they preach. Instead of hiring models and doing a full-on show for the Spring 2018 collection, Vetements went out to the streets of Zurich, Switzerland and asked regular people if they would like to be photographed in their new clothes. Um, who wouldn’t want to slip into some designer digs and pretend they were Rihanna for a hot minute?

Demna Gvasalia, founder of the label, recently moved to Zurich, so it was also just a great way to get to know the people around town. He took pictures of teens, families, an accountant, and even some senior citizens. All the images were taken by the designer himself.

It was also a little tongue in cheek, mocking the oh-so-seriousness of the fashion industry. Gvasalia showed the subjects a fashion photography book before asking them to pose and do their own version of whatever images the liked best.

Here are some highlights.

Gvasalia told Vogue, “What you see is what each person chose to wear themselves. Everyone is choosy about what they want to wear; it was quite a big project with a huge range of clothes. And I showed everyone their photographs to be sure they liked them.”

How considerate, right?

Here are some more.

After taking the pictures, they were blown up, printed, and shown in a Paris parking lot by the Gare Saint-Lazare. And, by the time you read this, Vetements will have set up shop in the same parking lot for buyers to take a look at its wares. Because yes, even the parking lots in Paris are boutiques.

Of course Vetements would hold a non-show fashion show.

According to Gvasalia, the collection is a riff on some things the brand has done before, so don’t be bummed if you’re not totally mind-blown.

He said, “I wanted to go back and perfect things we did in former seasons. It’s kind of a best of, I suppose. And I felt quite liberated by that.”

Why mess with perfection, right?

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