Very important news: Mindy Kaling is soon going to have *another* TV show

Season 5 of The Mindy Project is back next month on Hulu but that doesn’t mean Mindy Kaling is taking a vacation or anything. Nope, she’s been hard at work on yet another TV show. Kaling’s new TV comedy pilot was picked up by NBC meaning she’s just literally created another project for Mindy. Girl knows how to multi-task obviously.

The new show doesn’t yet have a title we’ve got a plot:

“A charismatic gym owner (named Vince) with no ambition who lives with his younger brother Michael, a gorgeous idiot.”

Mindy would play Priya, a recurring character and also the mother of Vince’s teenage son who (surprise!) Vince did not know about. We’re guessing this new found child might kick him into gear.

Kaling co-created the show with Charlie Grandy who also writes on The Mindy Project, which means that fans of The Mindy Project will likely be fans if this show makes it on the air. *fingers crossed* If the series gets picked up for a full season, Mindy won’t be a main character in the show but still, more Mindy on our screens is something to get excited about, am I right?

Mindy has been knocking it out of the park ever since she began as Kelly Kapoor on The Office — originally a minor role that Mindy made into one of the most memorable. Luckily we’ve also been able to enjoy Mindy’s hilariousness for the past 5 years on The Mindy Project.

Keep your ears open for updates on Mindy’s new show and in the meantime, go re-watch The Mindy Project on Hulu to prepare yourselves for the new episode on February 14th. Don’t you just LOVE a good comedy?

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