A beginner’s guide to the addictive YouTube Christmas tradition ‘Vlogmas’

There are a few things I always think of when I think of the holiday season: making cookies in the kitchen with my family, sitting by the fire with my dogs, peppermint mochas from Starbucks and, more recently, Vlogmas.

What’s a Vlogma you ask? It’s a Christmas celebration of the YouTube kind and it is just glorious. “Vlogging” aka “video-blogging” is all the rage on YouTube right now. It’s super common for popular YouTubers to have a second channel devoted solely to personal vlogs — whish is where Vlogmas comes in.

Much like VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) and the recently coined “Vlogtober,” Vlogmas is that special time of year when YouTubers vlog every day of December in the lead up to Christmas. (Sort of like a video advent calendar, if you will.) The whole endeavor is a ton of fun, gets hundreds of thousands of people watching, and brings on that Christmas spirit in an oh-so 21st century way. To get you into this three-year-old tradition, here are the best of the best of this season’s Vlogmas.


A delicate British accent, a quaint country home and an adorable dog: what more could you ask for? Jess is my number one favorite YouTuber to follow during Vlogmas, and I think it’s because she just gets Christmas. She does it and she does it right, watching movies and wrapping presents, and snuggling with her family.

Ingrid Nilsen

Fun fact: Ingrid was the creator of Vlogmas, way back in 2011! I’ve only started following Ingrid in the past month but I have no idea what took me so long. When you watch her videos on her primary channel you think, one person can’t possibly be that positive. But if you’ve been keeping up with her Vlogmas, you know that she loves Christmas, she loves life, and she’s great at capturing that joy. I promise, if you’re feeling low on cheer, she’ll turn that right around!



Essie (or Estee) is no stranger to the vlogging world. She, her boyfriend, and her dog vlog pretty regularly on her second channel, but she’s kicked it up a notch for the holidays. While she couldn’t commit to the full Vlogmas, she’s come up with her own alternative: Jingleweek! She’s doing weekly vlogs (sometimes more!) with their own theme-song and everything.


If you don’t like cute dogs (1. who are you??) then look away now. Suzie has a tiny dog and a big love for Christmas, and both of these things are heavily featured in her vlogs. Her videos are bite-sized snapshots into her life, and are the perfect amount of time for you to get your holiday fix during work breaks.


While his sister, Zoella, has taken a break from Vlogmas for the time being, you can get your Sugg fix over on Joe’s channel! A part of the self proclaimed “YouTube boy band,” Joe’s videos are fun and feature all of your favorites. He’s here to let you know that, yes, being a YouTuber is just as fun as it looks.

So cuddle up with some hot chocolate and candy canes, and let these YouTubers show you just how festive the e-holiday can be!

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