Still processing this vertical plane takeoff

Today, Boeing uploaded a video of a commercial plane taking off. Except it’s not just taking off like a regular plane — it’s taking off vertically. As in, it’s on the ground one second, and up in the air the next. At a (seemingly) 90-degree angle. Literally terrifying, but honestly also seriously impressive.

The footage is from the Paris Air Show rehearsal in Moses Lake, Washington, according to CNN. The plane you’re seeing do these insanely cool stunts is a 787-9, a “‘stretched’ version of the original Dreamliner, which is six meters shorter,” says The Guardian. It can hold up to 335 passengers, which is 55 more than the older model. Not only is it bigger, but it actually uses 20% less fuel than the 280 model that came before it. It’s mighty impressive that something so, well, mighty can also be so agile.

But just because this 787-9 is doing crazy dips and turns, don’t expect the airplane you fly in to do the same. 767 pilot Patricks Smith tells CNN, “Presumably the plane was very light because it wasn’t carrying any passengers, probably had a very light fuel load, no freight, so it would have been able to perform a steeper than normal ascent — but not to the extent the video seems to show.” He adds, “But for demonstration purposes, under lightweight conditions, it’s perfectly natural for this airplane to do that. It’s nothing dangerous.”

Watch the clip below and prepare to hold your breath as the plane takes off into the sky in the most awesomely terrifying way.

(Image via YouTube)