Apparently, everyone — including Drake — has been pronouncing “Versace” wrong

Thought you were a fashion aficionado who could do no wrong? It turns out that the vast majority of people have been pronouncing Versace’s name wrong. Yes, we’re talking about one of the most famous Italian fashion houses in the world. It would appear that Donatella Versace has finally had enough because part of Versace’s new ad campaign addresses this issue. The brand released a video tutorial on Instagram on how to properly pronounce Donatella’s last name.

If you’ve been pronouncing Versace as “Ver-sach-ee,” then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been saying it incorrectly this whole time. It’s actually pronounced: “Ver-sah-cheh.” Case closed, there is no room for discussion because Donatella has spoken (kind of). In the video clip, models, including the Hadid sisters, Imaan Hammam, and Liu Wen, among others, join Donatella Versace in pronouncing her last name correctly.

According to Teen Vogue, the tutorial is part of a series of posts that feature images from the fall/winter 2018 campaign, which highlights the issue of model diversity. So not only do we finally get the scoop on how to say Versace correctly, but fashion lovers can spot the upcoming collection. From what we can tell, it’s a feast for the senses, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the fashion house.

The door can officially be closed on the debate on how to pronounce Versace.

Donatella herself wills it.

No word on what made Donatella make a public statement regarding her last name. But we sense it might have something to do with Drake’s new song.

Could this mispronunciation be the one that sent Donatella Versace over the edge? However, this isn’t the first time Donatella has set the record straight on how to pronounce her name. Earlier this year, Donatella made it clear to Vogue during her 73 questions video that people have been saying her name wrong.

Consider this note taken, Donatella.

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