Verizon might finally stop tattling on you about your data use

What do you and your parents fight about the most? Schoolwork? Curfew? And, probably, texting. If you’re in a family with a shared data plan, chances are you had a crazy month one time and got that infamous you’ve-almost-used-all-your-data text from your provider. Cue a big blow out as you try to defend your need to Instagram. Luckily, Verizon has come up with a plan that will hopefully stop these family fights, and it means more data for you.

More data? I’m listening. Verizon decided to take a look at their current model after seeing complaints like this:

After doing some research, they found that many of their millennial customers were on plans with their parents, and these texts felt a little bit like being scolded, and worse, tattled on, as these texts were also being sent to their parents.

So they’ve come up with an idea: a new month-to-month plan that comes in four different sizes, from a small amount of data to a whole lot, depending on your family’s needs. It starts at $30, with each extra GB costing you only $15 more — that’s essentially a pizza order.

While the texts wont stop (it is good to have a warning, after all), this plan allows for a little flexibility so your family gets the specific amount of data needed. With it, you’re less likely to bump up against the limit because you’ve customized it to almost exactly the amount you want. More data with less fighting? Win win.

(Image via Verizon.)