Venus retrograde is happening this week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

Venus retrograde begins on Wednesday, May 13th, and will last until Thursday, June 25th, in the sign of Gemini. (The pre-retrograde shadow began on Tuesday, April 9th, and the post-retrograde zone will last until Wednesday, July 29th.)

During this transit, you can expect to hear from your exes, reevaluate relationships, discover new and inventive ways to save money, and raise your confidence. The main focus, though, will be on yourselves. You will get a little heady and second-guess your actions, which is why implementing self-care into your daily routine will be necessary. This also makes sense, considering Venus is the planet of sensual pleasures, money, and self-love.  

Here’s your Venus retrograde horoscope. Also, make sure to check your rising sign.


Your anxiety may be high, as your mind is going a million miles an hour. Word of advice: Slow down. Take time away from work obligations and focus on healing yourself. By that we mean cat naps, binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix, and a whole lotta TLC to decompress.  


Spas and resorts may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself the ultimate facial at home. Even a simple face mask made from honey and avocado will spruce up your vibe in no time. You can even indulge in a hair mask and homemade mani-pedi as well.  


Stop being sooo serious. You need to loosen up and have a good laugh. Try to connect with your squad or family to reminisce about past situations that were funny, or curl up with a laugh-out-loud movie that will make you smile. After all, laughter really is the best medicine.  


With your watery sentiments, you’ll love dipping into a hot bath with some essential oils and Epsom salt. You’ll be able to escape and melt away your current stresses. You will keep this self-care activity in your nightly repertoire long after the retrograde ends.  


Because you’re an extremely generous person, you may feel that your local community isn’t planning as many humanitarian projects as you would like. Step up and start a fundraiser with your squad. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself and your current circumstance having given back to the community.  


Don’t shy away from expressing your sentiments during this Venusian backspin. You may be extra confused about your emotions, which may lower your inner vibe. Love yourself more. Let your feelings about yourself be known. Practice speaking positive affirmations in front of a mirror to boost your confidence and self-esteem.  


In order to maintain balance in your life and feel more centered, you need to stretch out your muscles. Yoga or light stretching can help boost your vibe and mood. Get down in your best pigeon pose to release the toxins from your body and to feel more connected with yourself.  


It’s time for you to get more mindful to become physically, mentally, and emotionally present with your feelings. Use this retrograde as a time to understand your emotions on a deeper level. Brainstorm ways to be more mindful by making a list, then incorporate your ideas into your daily routine.  


It’s time for you to connect with old friends. However, the current state of the world may restrict you from meeting up in real life. Have a Zoom lunch with your pals to catch up and discuss all the latest gossip in your lives. It’ll be a fun activity for you both.  


During this retrograde, you’ll need to rev up your daily routine. This includes treating yourself to a few nice meals. Self-care can be yummy, too. Cook yourself some comfort food or make your favorite dinner dish. You will feel more energized having satisfied your hunger and your taste buds.  


You’re feeling the urge to reconnect with an ex but aren’t sure it’s the right decision. Before you send a flirty DM to your former lover, take some of the energy you’re offering up and give it back to yourself x 100 by writing a love letter to yourself.  


During Venus retrograde, you may feel a tad introverted. All the more reason to veg out and pick up a book you’ve always wanted to read. Trust us, you will enjoy getting swept away in your imagination and the words.  

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