The cosmos may have you feeling indecisive, but here’s how to prioritize your needs

Venus and Mercury are the first planets to leave the sign of Virgo, effectively inaugurating the shift from power-packed Virgo season to gentle Libra season. Venus stands for what we value, how we collaborate, and how we enjoy and indulge. Meanwhile, Mercury stands for how we communicate, think, intellectualize, and connect. Let’s see how these two planets entering the sign of Libra is going to affect us as a collective.

Venus in Libra

Gentle, loving Venus is at home in Libra, a sign where she can be herself. Venus entering the sign is going to put a focus on all of Libra’s activities: fashion, shopping, decorating, dining out, home décor, and jewelry. There will also be a focus on partnerships, relationships, friendships, luxury, and entertainment. And don’t forget everything related to physical appearance and the arts, too.

You might find yourself surprisingly keen on renewing your wardrobe, shopping for furniture, and buying fancy candles. You might shower yourself with fresh flowers or treat yourself to a spa day. (Nothing is too fancy for Libra right now.) Venus in Libra will also favor relationships and dating activity. Whether you’re looking for your special someone or not, expect to have a lot of thoughts, and perhaps events, in the love department.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury entering Libra is going to put a mental focus on Libra values: fairness, justice, balance of give and take, reasonability, pleasantness, politeness, charm, and seduction. Libra is an utterly intellectual sign, and when Mercury is in Libra, we have strong faculties to be logical and discerning. However, do note that while Libra is well-known for its indecision, that indecisiveness is not due to a lack of reasoning skill. Rather, it’s Libra’s tendency to doubt the self and favor people-pleasing.

Libra finds it difficult to be disliked and rejected, fearing it will decrease or affect their worth. When Mercury is in Libra, we want to please others and smooth things over. This can create a tendency to put yourself second—or even last. And that can create an indecisiveness where you know what you want, but you’re not necessarily willing to get it.

If you struggle with indecision and self-doubt, Libra season might be what you need to retrieve your balance.

However, if you are a decisive person, you might actually end up second-guessing yourself. The whole month will put the focus on diplomatic communication, being assertive but not aggressive, and finding a proper balance between being pleasant and accommodating with others when prioritizing your own wants and needs. We’re definitely stepping into a much less critical and much more calming time, with a focus on communication, love, and beauty.

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