Venus is entering Taurus this week, and you may feel more cautious about your love affairs

Venus enters the earthy and grounded sign of Taurus on March 4th, giving us a collective focus on the matters of money, possessions, and overall, the material.

The entrance of Venus in Taurus might be particularly powerful, as Venus will start its journey in the sign through a conjunction of Uranus. Uranus in Taurus is a bit of a pickle, and with Venus conjunct this rebellious and unsettling planet, we can expect sudden and strong upheavals when it comes to the material. It’s known to all that the stock market has been doing poorly, and it is likely that the global economy will continue to go through significant shifts as Venus illuminates the sign of Taurus. 

On a personal level, Venus in Taurus has more positive connotations and energies to offer. Venus in Taurus is a moment of sensuality, practicality, and reason. Right now, in your love affairs and material affairs, you’re more likely to be extremely cautious, practical, and grounded. The types of questions we’re asking ourselves now is more so: “Is my partner financially sound and do I trust their decisions?” while during Venus in Aries we were more likely to say: “But how hot are they?”

Practical sure, but Taurus can be even more sexual than Aries, so don’t think you’re out of the passionate woods just yet. Aries sees sex as a sport, a conquest, and even a competition or a game at times. However, Taurus has an entirely different approach to sensuality, preferring slow approaches, but highly sensual activities.

With Venus in Taurus, we’re likely to explore our senses, through vision, touch, smell, and taste—what a steamy program.

We’re also more likely to be focused on our money, whether it’s earning and spending or buying and selling. This usually revolves around real estate, but be warned: as much as the focus will be on these things, the energies are wildly unstable with the presence of Uranus in the Taurus. 

Venus in Taurus will bring the fundamental question of: what is it that I value? It might be love, passion, wealth, or something entirely different. Now is the time to get crystal clear on what you value, how you prioritize the things you value, and whether or not a change in values or attitudes is necessary. 

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