Venus Is Entering Taurus—Here’s What This Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Romance is in the air.

Venus, the planet of love and money, glides into Taurus on April 14th and will remain in the fixed sign until May 8th. During this time, you can expect to be extra flirty, sensual, and wanting love. After all, Venus in Taurus exudes sweetness and romanticism. It’s time for you to attain these sentiments. 

Below is your Venus in Taurus horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


You’re wanting to help out others by giving generously to them. Before extending your wallet to friends and family in need, make sure that you can afford to be kind. If so, then give what you want. If not, you should try to extend yourself in other helping capacities.


Your wits, grace, and emotions are heightening, making the most charming version of yourself for all to see. Be loving and tender (all of the good qualities you exude) in order to receive the same in return from those you care about, which is a sentiment you need.


Your subconscious is being crafty by making you think of your dream lover or a crush from the past. Whether you’re in a commitment or you’re single, it’s important to keep in mind that your visions are urging you to add a bit of sparkle from those ideals to your current or upcoming relationship.


It’s important to be besties with your partner to ensure that the relationship can sustain itself above anything superficial and casual. Intimacy may be hard for some, but not for you. And, with your ride or die as your lover, you can get as deep as you want in love.


Let’s be real, Leo, having arm candy by your side is important for you because you like to show off your partner (your eagerness and willingness to split the spotlight is an indication that you truly care). Be proud in filling up your IG feed with pictures of you both.


You need to feel as though you have the freedom to explore the world and be comfortable in the arms of your crush/S.O. at night. Make sure that your partner is giving you the autonomy to roam around town and wanting to hear about your local trips at night.


It’s unlike you to want super duper intensity from your relationship, but it’s what’s making you feel alive at the moment. Allow the scales of balance to be tipped toward love and don’t hold back in giving your all to your crush/S.O. Enjoy the intoxicating fall down the rabbit hole.


Finding balance with others is key at the moment, which is why you’re wanting to make decisions that best align with your new need for peace in relationships. Make sure that you are both on equal footing and wanting a healthy partnership before you give your all to someone once again. 


You’re making yourself too available to your crush. Instead of always being available 24/7, try setting limits to ensure that you don’t give your full time and energy to one person. Make sure that you give to yourself first, instead of your partner or friends during this lovely Venusian transit. 


You’re not one to take many risks, especially when it comes to expressing your feelings. Now, you’re wanting to step out of the box that you’ve built and let your sentiments be known to the person you’re crushing on. Try to put yourself out there by sending a flirty text. 


A trip to IKEA or Home Depot will cement your relationship with your S.O. After all, you don’t really know a person until you understand their personal aesthetic and interior style. Be open to their playful critiques on your style and have fun helping them pick out cool home accessories.


Before you start engaging in mind games or manipulation to get what you want from others, try to be mindful of how you would like to be treated. Stop using these tactics to achieve your selfish goals. You’ll totally get everything you crave and desire if you have some patience.