Venus moves into Scorpio this week—here’s what that means for your sign

Did you feel that energy? That’s Venus in Scorpio. Venus enters Scorpio today, October 8th, and there is a wind of purging and transformation blowing on the collective. We’re still very much in Libra season with Mars in the sign of Libra as well.

Additionally, Libra planets are forming aspects to the lord of the Underworld, Pluto. This creates a wind of Scorpio energy on the collective. When Venus, the planet of pleasures and affection, enters the impermanent and obsessive sign of Scorpio, love affairs can take a much deeper turn.

Venus in Scorpio represents an energy that has a flavor of obsession, compulsion, and addiction.

With Venus in Scorpio, we can become more suspicious, guarded, and prone to ruminating thoughts. Sometimes, there can be an air of crisis in love, as kept truths and secrets can come out of the closet without any warning. This is especially true for all of this week. We could see sudden endings, but also sudden new beginnings in love.

You can expect your feelings and crushes to be much deeper this month. You might be surprised by how focused and intense you can get with your loved ones. But be careful: Venus is not very comfortable in this sign of intensity. And at times, the depth of your feelings is not necessarily equivalent to the health of your relationship. This month, we run the risk of becoming entangled with personalities that aren’t suited for us.

Venus in Scorpio does, however, bring good news for all finance-related matters.

If you have been waiting on some additional income, now could be the time to receive it. This is also the time to make intense moves to further your financial stability. Especially this week, we have lots of opportunities for sudden gifts and extra funding.

Overall this month, we’ll find a regained and sustained interest in all of the dark things. It’s no wonder that Halloween is right around the corner. Scorpio energy is all about what is considered taboo, secret, and occult: witchcraft, tarot, astrology, psychology, and sexuality, certainly. But also even darker themes like criminality of all sorts.

As long as you watch for a tendency to fall into obsessive-compulsive behaviors, Venus in Scorpio can bring intense and powerful love into your life. Just make sure what you have is love and not attachment, as this is a definite possibility with Scorpio energy.

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