Venus shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius this week, so expect a major mood boost

Are you beginning to feel a sense of relief? You can thank Venus in Sagittarius. This shift, which begins tomorrow, November 1st, will relieve you from that heavy Scorpio energy you’ve been experiencing. While Scorpio is amazing for many of things—its energy is empowering, deep, truthful, and intense—it’s best when it’s kept short. 

Sagittarius energy is about expanding your horizons, traveling, and going on a spiritual journey. It’s an energy that asks why and wants answers for the questions that are connected to humanity. For this reason, Sagittarius energy focuses on the need to explore, indulge, and expand. So if you’re thinking of booking a trip, this is the time to do it.

When Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius, our values shift to become more impulsive and friendly. We yearn for more experiences and knowledge.

This is a good time to find solace after the dark and stormy Scorpio. While the intense water sign wanted you to swim to the darkest part of the ocean to find your truth, Venus in Sagittarius will throw the life preserver to help you catch your breath.

Venus in Sagittarius will provoke you to be more adventurous with your relationships.

You’ll say yes to more things and be less protective of your heart. However, keep one hand on your wallet. While you may feel more spontaneous with your relationships, it also means you’re more inclined to let loose and go on a shopping spree.

This is also the season to invest in new friendships and romantic relationships, since there will be an overall feeling of balance under this Venus in Sagittarius energy. Just keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until November 20th, which means some things might feel off-kilter until it goes direct. Pesky exes might show up to provide closure, while budding friendships might supply life lessons. Either way, you’ll be getting the most out your relationships during this time.

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