Your love life is about to get a lot more intimate and emotional, thanks to Venus

If you’re over your single status or you’ve been feeling disconnected from your partner lately, get ready to swipe left or get swept off your feet on March 26th. That’s because Venus, the planet of love, is leaving the aloof and eccentric sign of Aquarius and entering the dreamy and tender world of Pisces. We’re about to go from needing space and enjoying our independence (thanks to the Water Bearer influence) to craving warm hugs and a big ol’ case of the feels.

Pisces catches feelings like it’s her job, so get ready to feel some serious connections. And because Pisces loves swimming in deep waters, be prepared for these connections to be more serious and more spiritually inclined than what you’re used to. I’m talking soulmate love. Twin flame love. Or, at least, connections that feel entwined and “meant to be.”

The reason for this is partly due to the uncanny sixth sense of the Fish. Pisces is known for her keen perception and prefers to “feel out” a relationship first. Energy is everything to a Pisces. She will choose vibes over texting any day of the week, which is why it’s easy for her to believe that someone who “feels” right for her could be her long-lost love. Her missing piece. Her Jerry Maguire who completes her.

But this isn’t exactly the most healthy way to view love because, in reality, no one completes you. You complete you. The most healthy and fulfilling relationships function best when two whole people, who are quite content to be independent, come together. Since Pisces tends to have trouble establishing boundaries, falling into a potentially dysfunctional partnership is easy to do right now. Before committing to someone new, you might want to wait it out a bit and see what unfolds over the next few weeks to get a real sense of who you’re with.

And before you decide on couple tattoos, bear in mind that Pisces is also all about fantasy. She loves daydreaming about rom-com storylines and then recreating them in real life. No matter what, Pisces will strive for her fairytale ending. Is it romantic AF? Totally. But the downside of Venus is Pisces is our propensity to get swept up in what could very well be movie love. Is our partner truly our perfect match? This is a question you’ll want to ask yourself, because Pisces loves sporting those rose-colored glasses.

Before you write off Pisces as a hopeless romantic who’s only interested in reimagining The Notebook, though, it’s crucial to know that one of the most beautiful things about Pisces is her big heart. She loves love, and she loves people. Her capacity for compassion and empathy is unlike any other zodiac sign’s. A Pisces in love loves you inside and out. She is there to laugh with you during the good times, and greet you with a box of tissues for the not-so-good times. During this transit, you’ll experiment with what it means to love someone unconditionally. You will explore what it looks like, what it feels like, to love and accept someone during their darkest moments. How it feels to be someone’s mirror as they work out old patterning and wounds. If given the chance, your love could reach new depths.

While Pisces is a slippery fish—meaning she can’t be trusted to stick around for too long as her innate insecurity can get the best of her—you can bet that when you love and are loved during this time, it will be the kind of love that will leave an imprint. Memories of stolen moments, cinematic kisses in the rain, and a unique understanding and acceptance of someone that will last a lifetime. Your ability to be vulnerable will be tested in new and profound ways, and will bond you and your partner for life. Though you might not know how long your current relationship will last—or, if attached, how long the romance will be able to sustain itself—it’s safe to say that your experience with Venus in Pisces will allow you to believe in love again and all the magic that it brings to our lives. And that, bbs, is the greatest gift of all.

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