If your new relationship seems too good to be true, you can thank Venus

The planet Venus enters Gemini on June 9th and promises to bring quite a different energy than Venus in Taurus (which occurred last month). Venus will remain with the Twins until July 4th and will not form many strong aspects in the sky, which means that its influence will remain rather subtle and in the background.

When Venus is in Gemini, we “dry up” a little bit, which means we’re less sensual, less sexual, less focused on our bodies and relationships, and we’re more focused on the realm of the intellectual.

Boring, you think? Think again! Venus in Gemini represents a time during which our minds are wide awake. We seek to understand the world around us, and we’re more focused on communicating—reading, writing, sending emails, scouting Google in search of answers to our most insistent and trivial questions.

Venus in Gemini represents the desire to learn, discuss, understand, make sense of, and rationalize, so we’ll be craving culture and intellectual stimulation this month. Theatre, shows, museums—you name it.

During this Venus in Gemini transit, we will seek to experience and experiment not through our senses and bodies, like we did when Venus was in Taurus, but through our intellect. Quite a different experience, surely, but also fairly mild.

We’re restless and curious, and it’s a time for social gatherings and trips. You might find yourself saying yes to an impromptu road trip, or signing up for a new activity you’ve never tried before, making new friends, and, more importantly, being more curious and open-minded than usual.

Venus is not forming a lot of aspects throughout its journey in Gemini, though we will have one particular peak around June 18th and we will have to watch out for love affairs that feel too good to be true, or that feel somewhat deceptive and confusing. If you feel this way by mid June, here is some advice from the stars: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and you should trust yourself and your gut instinct. Do what is necessary for your well-being.

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