You have a good chance of finding love this month, thanks to Venus in Cancer

The season of love has arrived! Sweet Venus enters the sign of Cancer on July 4th, and you can expect a shift in your values, the way you relate to others, and the quality of your relationships overall.

In June, Venus in Gemini gave us intellectual and breezy vibes; we were focused on thinking and overthinking our partnerships. Now, we’re called to feel them. Venus in Cancer represents a time during which we seek affection, protection, security, and stability. This shift is even more important because Mars is leaving the sign of Cancer around the same time, a sign in which it is not comfortable and where it tends to create emotional turmoil and difficulties expressing our deeper needs without anger and resentment. After a month or so of fighting with ourselves to discover our needs and express them, we’re now at a time of release. We feel much more confident in trusting ourselves and others to fulfill our emotional needs.

Our approach to love and relationships is more serene, loving, gentle, and caring now. Our lifestyle is also more anchored in our deeper needs; we choose people and situations that feel good, that make us feel safe and welcome. It is likely we’re going to seek romance, but also nurturing friendships, loving family connections, and sweet connections to animals.

The keyword of Venus in Cancer is nurturing, and we are promised new beginnings in love, romance, and passion, but also some setbacks or delays. As we have Mercury in retrograde for the month of July, it is likely that our sweet dreams will suffer some obstacles, which will make the reward even more delectable.

Another keyword for this Venus in Cancer season is also a Brené Brown mantra: vulnerability. This season is about learning how to open our hearts and lead with vulnerability, to find strength in emotion and rawness, find the courage to walk without a shield. It makes for an interesting summer for sure, as we’re called to be both passionate and sensible.

Fated love encounters are definitely possible for this summer, especially mid-July. There is the possibility of meeting people who trigger a lot of subconscious patterns in you, so as much as “trust your gut” is sound advice, know that love is sometimes uncomfortable and difficult because of where it pushes us to go within ourselves.

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