Venus Is Entering Cancer—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

You romance game will be off the charts.

From August 8th to September 7th, tender Venus will be flirting its way in the sign of sentimental Cancer. Expect to feel your feels and be lost in emotions. Be prepared to level up your romance game and open your heart to others unconditionally—and to be more frugal with your spending. It’s time to start saving your pennies for a rainy day.  

Here’s your horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


Embrace your happy homemaking skills and change up the decor in your dwelling. If you can’t repaint your space, then at least change up the flow of your abode by adding fun decorative pillows and adornments throughout your home. A little extra flair will go a long way now.   


You are a flirt by nature, but now you’re filling your loving cup with extra sweet talk to your crush. Don’t let your tender expressions of affection overflow by promising more than you can offer to get their attention, as they may expect you to follow through.  


It’s been a long time since you’ve indulged in good food, wine, or a luxurious bath. Use this time to get your confidence back—even if that means buying things you desire to boost your energy. You deserve to pamper yourself once in a while. Treat yourself!  


You may be acting a tad passive-aggressive towards others, as you do not want to make waves in relationships at the moment. The caveat is that annoyances will come to light, which will cause frustrations that you don’t want to deal with to arise. Be honest with your feelings.  


Where do you end and your partner begin? Although it may be hard, setting boundaries is super important for you right now. Creating limits will also benefit you because you will feel more independent. If you do not, then you will become codependent over the next few weeks.  


You’ve been wanting to expand your friendship group and meet new peeps. However, you’re not ready for the responsibility and work that comes along with opening your heart up to acquaintances. What you’ll come to learn is that friendship takes effort and time. Take baby steps towards making new friends.  


Your professional life is going seemingly well. People are taking notice of your hard efforts and rewarding you with amazing praise for your accomplishments. The only issue is that your colleagues may be jealous of your successes. Don’t let their negativity bring you down. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!  


You’re evolving—but your friends and lovers aren’t. Their inability to transform is creating a lot of tension in your relationships. The best way to handle this energy is to focus on how you can elevate and reform yourself. Then you won’t worry about their lack of growth anymore.  


You are drawn to intense relationships—even though the drama is all-consuming, you’ll relish the theatrics. All this goes against your freedom-loving sentiments. The sudden need for closeness with others may be confusing to you at first, but you’ll enjoy the passion and desire for intimacy.  


The desire to commit now is strong—but you may want to be with your SO for all the wrong reasons. Don’t enter a relationship because you’re lonely or for status. Only commit to someone if you genuinely want to be with them for pure reasons. Then, it’ll last.  


You’re a giver by nature. And now your generous heart is allowing others to freely take from you—without any questions. The only caveat for your 24/7 emotional availability is that being too available can lead to people taking your kindness for granted. Make sure they appreciate you.


Your creativity is heightened now, allowing your artistry to shine. Blend your intuition and sentimental nature into your expressive artistic style to showcase your innate talent. You have the magic touch now. Use it to your advantage. With your romantic heart and creative mind, there is nothing you can’t achieve.  

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