Venus Is Entering Cancer. Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Don't be shy to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Romantic planet Venus flirts its way through the tender sign Cancer from June 2nd to 27th. During this time, Venus will aspect lucky Jupiter, rebellious Uranus, dreamy Neptune, and transformative Pluto. This will be a time of growth, which will be hard as you are unwilling to exit your comfort zone when it comes to love and financial matters.

Get out of the hard Cancerian crab shell and try to step up your game when it comes to relationships and investments. Don’t be shy to wear your heart on your sleeve, and instead, live through your emotions. 

Below is your Venus in Cancer horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Always one to fire up your energy, you’re finding that you’re exhausted and in desperate need of rest. Pamper yourself at home by taking long baths and face masks. After all, you work super hard. It’s time that you start taking care of yourself and giving yourself extra love now.


No one knows better than you that flowery words can be romantic. Also, they can help you get your way when arguing with another. Instead of fighting back and using sassy expressions, sweet talk your way to get your points known, understood, and seen by others without the drama.


It’s not that money is tight, you’re just feeling a little bit frugal more than usual and becoming more aware of how you spend your money. Although tempted to purchase lavish gifts, your understanding of tightening your wallet isn’t a bad thing. Saving versus spending is the best way to curb impulsive purchases.


This is your time to shine. You’re feeling extra sassy, beautiful, and popular at the moment. Everyone is wanting to talk to you and reconnect IRL after quarantining for a year. Clear your calendar for social festivities that will include long beachy days, extended lunches, and walks in the park.


Instead of running around, let yourself have a few weeks of rest. This will give you the opportunity to replenish yourself for summer and prepare for your birthday (which we all know is going to be the event of July and August). Give yourself extra time to relax and chill.


Your friends are a really big form of support. Relish the time that you have with them. Show your appreciation by throwing them a bunch of compliments and giving them extra TLC over the next few weeks. They will appreciate your kindness, support, and love more than you’ll ever know.


A lucrative financial and professional opportunity has finally landed in your lap. You’ll want to take a chance and commit to the projects before hearing all of the details. Although this project is ideal and wonderful, make sure that you are emotionally connected to what you’re doing to ensure success.


It’s never too late to plan your summertime vacation. After all, you deserve a break from work and life, especially since you have given all of your energy to your professional goals and career this year. Even if you take a short weekend away, you’ll feel revived and refreshed over the next few weeks.


Finances are a major concern in your life at the moment, mostly because you’re running out of cash. Before you make an investment, suss out all the details, proceed with caution, and if need be, ask a close acquaintance or family member for a small loan you’ll repay.


Love is in the air. You’re giving your all to that one special person in your life whom you adore, but are they giving you a lot of attention? If not, then make time for you both to connect. A romantic dinner could totally set the mood for you both.


You don’t have to overextend and overexert yourself to let people know that you’re a hard worker. Taking time to chill and relax (now and again) is totally fine if you get all of your work done in a timely manner. Then, you won’t get too stressed out over work.


Your creativity is flourishing at the moment and wanting to come out. Tap into your inner artistry and show the world your talents. Your family and friends will be proud of all that you do, if you allow yourself the opportunity to show off your creativity to them right now.