Venus moves into Aquarius this week, and it will reveal a lot about your desires

Get ready for a full-blown revolution. Venus is entering Aquarius on Friday, December 20th, and this means a few things are in store for us.

Currently, we’re undergoing a lot of Capricorn energy. As a collective, we’re getting serious and thinking about our long-term goals, families, traditions, and reputations. It also means we’re more prone to accepting responsibilities, handling heavier workloads, or feeling like we have to mold ourselves to fit into certain expectations.

This is where Venus in Aquarius comes in. With this shift in energy, we’re all going to experience a subtle switch in our values. We’re drawing a line in the sand by saying, “No, I don’t want to do X, Y, and Z. I’d much rather do this one thing I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to pursue.”

During this time, we’re being nudged to awaken our true desires, values, be more authentic and honest with ourselves.

If you have been conforming to other people’s needs or following rules out of a sense of duty or obligation, now is the time to kick that habit to the curb and pursue your own ventures.

Keep in mind: Aquarius has detached energy. This means we’re being pushed to be a little more individualistic by valuing our own needs, our own desires, and our own dreams. So if you’re someone who tends to put other people’s needs and desires before your own, you may have a strong urge to focus on yourself during this transit.

We’re also more likely to express our need for freedom and independence when it comes to love. As a collective, we’re going to navigate what it means to be independent versus co-dependent, where we embrace the vision of two individuals coming together to form a partnership without having to lose their own sense of identity.

Bonus: Expect a focus on technology and innovation during the holidays. You may get that tech gift you’ve always wanted.

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