Our love lives are about to get a major boost thanks to the planet Venus

Capricorns aren’t typically known for being the fuzzy romantic types. The sea goat is famous for its serious and ambitious nature, and for its emphasis on structure and discipline. Pretty unsexy, right? Wrong. While we might dream of our romantic lives replicating scenes from rom-coms, in reality, love and relationships require hard work, respect, and responsibility—all traits that Capricorns have in spades. Why is this important to talk about now? Because Venus, that lovely love planet in the sky, is entering Capricorn on February 3rd, and as a result, our love lives are going to shift and transform in new ways. Yep, our relationships are about to level up.

Venus has been stationed in jovial Sagittarius since January 7th. The globe-trotting archer’s free-spirited ways stopped us from thinking too heavily about our relationships. You might have found yourself caught up in your own whims and fancies, focusing on what made you feel fun and free. However, now the pendulum has swung the opposite way, and earthy Capricorn wants us to take a more grounded approach to our relationships, including the one with ourselves. After all, Venus also rules our self-worth.

When Venus enters Capricorn, it’s time to get clear about what we want when it comes to relationships. This isn’t the time for flings or FWBs. If you’re involved with casual dalliances, you’ll find yourself tidying up loose ends and getting serious about love. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ready for a serious relationship if single (though it might!), but it is prime time for figuring out how you want your future relationships to look and feel.

Not surprisingly, you’ll be attracted to stability and shared values now. For example, a relationship like Miley and Liam’s is probably looking mighty sexy to you. Given that, it would be a good idea to do a personal inventory of who you need to be in order to invite such a relationship into your life. Remember, like attracts like. So if you’re open to a serious and committed relationship that’s built on respect and trust, how can you work on embodying those traits? How can you improve your self-worth? Because it’s only when we truly love, honor, and respect ourselves and understand our value that worthy relationships are able to enter our world.

If coupled up, Venus in Capricorn is an awesome period to replenish your commitment to each other. Caps are famous for structure and discipline, so how might that reflect in your current home life? Maybe it means committing to date nights once or twice a week, and/or turning off your phones for a good hour or two before bedtime so you can reconnect with your partner without interruption. Being serious about your relationship doesn’t need to be boring or “un-fun.” In fact, it’s when we take the time to put effort into our most meaningful projects—like our relationships—that we reap the most rewards.

And let’s get something straight: Capricorns are not just sticks in the old mud. Being serious about love, including relationships and sex, is, well, sexy. When Capricorns love, they love with their full heart, because they’re the ultimate serial monogamist of the zodiac. When they’re into you, they’re all in. They don’t waste time. Which means having laser-sharp focus when it comes to satisfying your deepest needs and desires, and not quitting until they get what they want. Sounds pretty damn romantic, huh?

So, what do you say, bbs? Are you ready for a commitment to love? We have until March 1st, which is when Venus leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, to find out.

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