Venus enters Aquarius today, which means our love lives are about to get a lot more eccentric

When Venus enters Aquarius, which it will on March 1st and remain there until March 26th, our love lives will feel a little…different. First, it helps to know that the Water Bearer is one of the most independent—not to mention rebellious and eccentric—signs of the zodiac. She craves freedom but she’s also all about community and making genuine connections—the more experimental, the better. Essentially, she likes to love on her terms. Sometimes she’s thirsty, and sometimes she’s satiated with her own company. Aquarius is all about being able to express who she really is, whether she’s in a relationship or not. She doesn’t play by the rules. So when it comes to love for the next four weeks? All bets are off.

Aquarius, by definition, is unconventional. She doesn’t want to live life in a box and will do everything she can to rid herself of social norms, structures, and labels. So when it comes to love, expect to be and/or encounter a lot more flexibility. Maybe you won’t mind not knowing your relationship status and prefer going with the flow instead of feeling pressured to “make it something.” You can also expect to be attracted to different types of relationships—from open to polyamorous to anything that suits your fancy. Bedroom antics will also be more open and imaginative. Unleash your inner sex freak. This is a time to dive into all sorts of kinky stuff without any sort of reservation or judgment.

Aquarius loves to be social and mix it up. They tend to hang out with different people from all walks of life, so you can definitely expect to mingle during this time. You’ll be wanting to expand your network in bolder and fresher ways, and since the Water Bearer is also a humanitarian, you could meet a new tribe member or even a new lover through volunteering or at a human rights event. Cheering on the underdog will feel really good to you at this time. You’ll be drawn to people with more substance now, as well as their eccentricities. You’ll want to connect with a lover who titillates your mind as much as your body. Intelligence is the aphrodisiac of the month. So when it comes to a partner—a label that an Aquarius frequently shies away from but is open to if the person is right—you’re more likely looking for someone who can be both a best friend and a exciting lover.

But it’s important to note that Aquarius loves her space. She’s not one to enter any sort of co-dependent relationship. This is healthy, of course, but not to the point where you’re sending mixed signals to a potential love interest. If you’re more into sampling at the moment and don’t want to commit, then be honest with your new crush. Independence is key when it comes to relationships, but it’s also okay to let your guard down, too. Aquarius has a tendency to come across as aloof at times, so if you’re really into someone, do what you can to let them know how you feel. Finding the balance between enjoying your freedom (whatever that means to you) and also enjoying your time with them is the magic sauce during this transit. But this could also be a rich time to really enjoy your single status and doing you.

Coupled up? You and your partner both might be craving some personal space right now. Time apart is normal for couples to recharge—just ensure you’re communicating your needs and desires to each other so you’re both on the same page.

Ultimately, when it comes love, Aquarius thrives on originality, respect, and individuality. She promotes loving unselfishly without judgment or extreme attachment, allowing herself, and her lover, to be free. Which ain’t a bad way to be, bbs.

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