Venus is entering Libra today, and that will have some big affects on your love life

It’s all about love or, at least, it will be when Venus leaves the diligent and practical Virgo and enters Libra on August 6th. Venus entering Libra is a match made in romantic heaven: it’s literally like the mothership coming home, since Venus rules love and soft-hearted Libra is all about romantic and social relationships. Put these delicious, loving, and peaceful energies together, and we’re in for some blissful romance for the next four weeks.

If you’ve noticed that your love life has been all chores, errands, and working through issues lately, you can thank the overly analytical Virgo for that. Venus had been stationed in the uber-organized sign for the last month, and I’m sure you’ve been feeling its tedious effects. Although the day-to-day is important to the vitality of a relationship, it’s also a bit of killjoy, which is why you’ll be welcoming Libra’s soft embrace with open arms this month.

When Venus enters Libra, you’ll definitely notice an uptick with your love life, but rather than being hot and heavy, you’ll feel a soft, loving presence. Libra is the ultimate peacekeeper—it is the ruler of balance, after all—so we will experience a shift in how we relate and connect with our loved ones. Rather than being critical or judgmental, we will veer toward harmonious vibes. We’ll do a better job of seeing the big picture, which means we will see more good than bad—a welcome relief in these trying times, no doubt.

However, there are a couple of caveats. Because we’ll feel so inclined to keep the peace during this time, we might ignore issues that need addressing. Sure, taking a breath is necessary, and sometimes you don’t want to keep having “talks” with your significant other, but it’s also important to keep grounded and truthful within your relationships at all times. It can’t all be rose petals and black-tie soirees—no matter how much Libra wants it to be. So make sure to say what you need to say, and the polite influence of Libra will help you say it with honey rather than vinegar.

Lack of balance in a relationship will also become more obvious during this transit. Libra prefers everything to be equal, especially in relationships, so if one partner isn’t carrying their weight, or one partner is catching more feels, it will be obvious now. Thankfully, Libras are excellent mediators, and thanks to Venus’ generous vibe, you and your partner will be able to work something out for the greater good.

And how good can it be? Well, think grand romantic gestures, because if there’s anything that a Libra loves it’s a good old-fashioned fairytale romance. They also get a kick out of showering their partners—and themselves—so you’re in for boxes of chocolates, foot massages, and bouquets of flowers.

Overall, the next few weeks are shaping up to be a charming and lovely time in our relationships and social lives. Don’t be surprised if your Google calendar quickly fills up with invitations to swanky events, art shows, and fancy dinners. Libras love to entertain, and the more sophisticated the affair is, the better. And don’t forget—Libras also love to flirt, so time to amp up your game.

Embrace this transit with all of your heart. This is a wonderful time to not only enjoy the sweetness of your relationships, but to also love and accept those around you. After all, benevolent love is the best kind of love.

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