The first “Venom” poster doesn’t have nearly enough Tom Hardy, which should be considered a crime

We haven’t gotten a ton of content from Tom Hardy’s Venom yet. We did get our first look at Hardy in the film in January, but…it wasn’t of him suited up as the antihero. Instead it was Hardy dressed as the man behind Venom, Eddie Brock, so the image was, essentially, just a picture of Tom Hardy in a button-up shirt. And while that was great, we’re still waiting to see what this new Venom looks like, especially since he hasn’t been on-screen in any sort of live-action capacity since Topher Grace played the character in the ill-fated Spider-Man 3.

So when the Venom Twitter released a new poster for the film, we got pretty excited.

However, we’re gonna be honest…the poster is severely lacking in its Tom Hardy. The poster itself is pretty simple: It has a black background with Tom Hardy’s name, the movie title, and two eyes like the eyes on Venom’s suit. Don’t get us wrong, it’s badass, and it definitely piques our interest, but it definitely doesn’t tell us much about the character that we don’t already know (he wears a black suit and his suit has those Spider-Man-like eyes). So yes, we’re stoked to see that the movie is amping up its marketing efforts, we’re pretty excited to see some *serious* Venom content.

Of course, one look at the post, and you can see that the quality content we’ve been waiting for is on its way.

As the caption on the tweet promises, more is coming tomorrow — and we expect it to be a teaser trailer (!!!). Whatever the case, it looks like we’re finally going to get a whole lot of Tom Hardy as Venom very soon, and that’s more like it.

The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, hits theaters in October 2018, and we’re ready to see more!

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