Venmo has figured out what millennial are spending all their money on (thanks to emojis)

Every once in a while, after I’ve finished Venmo-ing someone for a meal or a movie or any of the usual things people Venmo other people for, I go back to the main page and scroll through the feed. It’s a veritable cornucopia of emojis. The most recent scroll I did revealed a particular preponderance of french fries, jack o’lanterns, cars, sushi, and wine glasses, so make of that what you will.

So, with all this data at their disposal, of course Venmo was going to do some digging to figure out exactly what the most popular transactions were. And the results were pretty interesting (Spoiler alert: The millennials REALLY like their pizza.)

Check out the infographic Venmo put together below:

You see what I mean about the pizza thing? As CNN Money reports, Venmo calculated the data based on major cities in these states and found that Venmo users in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston used the pizza emoji the most, while New York Venmo users make the most use of the cab emoji, and Venmo residents of Philadelphia do a LOT of beer glass clinking.

It should come as no surprise to Venmo users that the next most popular emoji the house emoji, which people typically use as a stand-in for “rent.” The fork and knives are also a runner-up emoji, an all-purpose “Thanks for spotting me money for a meal, I got you back!” emoji. Also, we are way into fall, which means that in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston, the football emoji is getting a lot of play (pun ABSOLUTELY intended.)

Note that earlier this year, the site Quartz got in deep with Venmo data, collecting data on every public transaction on the site for a week, about 800,000 transactions between 750,000 users. They found that just under a quarter of transactions contained an emoji, and the most popular emoji was (surprise, surprise) pizza with 17,470 uses. The wine emoji landed a distant-ish second with 12,454 uses, followed closely by the clinking beer glasses (11,590 uses), then the party horn/confetti emoji (8,315), and the heart emoji (6,959). Lower on the list were the red-dress dancer, the house, sushi, smiling poop, fork and knife, ramen, and leotard rabbit-ear girl twins.

Let it be known, throughout the land, the people love their pizza. Or, at least they do on Venmo.


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