There is an actual vending machine that lets you buy Instagram ‘likes’ for your photos

Aspiring Instagram influencers – or anyone craving some affirmation – can now buy Instagram followers and ‘likes’ via vending machine. We’ll let you decide what that says about our society as a whole.

Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev spotted the vending machine in a mall in downtown Moscow and Tweeted out a photo of it.

According to Kovalev, the Russian equivalent of $0.89 USD can buy you 100 Instagram ‘likes’ (from “fake” computer-controlled accounts) on your latest photo.

Raise that number to $850 USD, and you’re looking at a follower increase of 150,000 (Influencer status!), and up to 1,500 likes per photo.

The journalist claims he has seen several of the vending machines around Moscow in the last few days, and he plans to send a friend over to test out how they work.

Buying ‘likes’ isn’t the only way Russians have taken to upping their Insta game, Kovalev says. He followed up with other Tweets highlighting a Moscow Times article, which exposed the popular practice of renting hundreds of roses in order to take pictures with them.

Listen up, friends: We love you just the way you are, no extra likes necessary!

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