These velvet hangers take up half the space of your plastic ones, which sounds boring but is actually life-changing

Is your closet the equivalent of a dense mangrove forest? Impossible to wade through, or to pull a single item out of without getting entangled in a mess of jumbled fabrics? Yeah, ours too. But fear no more: A writer over at NYMag has just rescued us from our closet nightmare, by turning us on to Huggable Hangers.

Designed by Joy Mangano, these velvet hangers take up half the space of those regular tubular plastic hangers.

See, these velvet hangers are thin.

At only 1/4″ thick, the velvet keeps your garments in place, and the sleek shoulder curve protects their shape.

They’re strong, too. They can hold your heaviest winter coat without bending or breaking.

We’re officially impressed (and it actually gets even more impressive)…

They can also be customized to hold skirts or pants with the addition of some adjustable clips.

“I managed to fit 600 garments into what is technically only room for 300 by utilizing Joy’s cascading mini-hooks to create a daisy chain of hangers that makes the most of underutilized vertical closet space,” Alison Freer wrote for NY Mag‘s The Strategist.

They come in a full rainbow of colors, and different styles – like for shirts only, or with the bottom bar for pants, too.

Or for our #lifehack for tights and scarves:

Yep, we’re ready for a little closet transformation.

You can get them at HSN, Amazon, The Container Store, Target, Macy’s… pretty much everywhere. Sayonara, plastic hanger. There’s a new game in town.