This artist invented a clever new way to play with your food

The rise of digital typography art means that just about everybody’s seen some combination of the following: A clean, usually abstract background behind some beautiful scripted or stylized platitude and/or movie quote. So in a world saturated with those kinds of images, and with everybody and their cousin claiming to now be a designer, how does any artist stand out? Why, by heading to their kitchen pantry.

That’s what Ian Barnard did for his series Vegetable Calligraphy, wherein he turns vegetables like carrots, asparagus, and chili peppers into brushes for beautifully hand-lettered designs. With a little cut here and a little slice there, these everyday vegetables (and lemongrass) are transformed from culinary staples to art tools.

First chronicled on his Instagram, Barnard’s inventive approach to type design is interesting for two reasons: 1) It disputes the notion that you can only make art with the “right” tools, whether it be brushes or Photoshop, and 2) It demystifies the physical trickery behind those spellbinding calligraphy videos. Instead of being like “Who could do that?”, Barnard shows that with a little imagination, the answer is anyone. (That said, his “traditional” type designs are also gorgeous.)

Check out Barnard’s Vegetable Calligraphy video below; this is part one, so keep an eye out for part two!

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