How’d you know we were totally waiting for a vegan emoji app

Good news if you feel that your current emoji app doesn’t include nearly enough vegetables. Vegan company, Follow Your Heart, along with rapper and veggie supporter Lil B, have teamed up to create vegEMOJI, which are, yes, vegan-themed emojis. The goal of the newest emojis is to spread, “positivity, sustainability, and a healthy, plant-based lifestyle,” according to the app’s iTunes description. Basically, if you need to text someone a jar of vegan mayo wearing sunglasses (and sometimes, we do), this is your destination.

The new app — which you can download to your phone right now — includes not only emoji pictures, but sayings, along side them, too. The ones you can send include gems such as, “Let’s Adopt A Dog,” “Plant Based 4 Life” and “UR So Cheezy” (even though vegans don’t technically eat milk-based cheese, but still super cute).

Lil B told the The Daily Dot that Follow Your Heart has been an “inspiration” to him, and working the company made complete sense, explaining, “I only want to do things that help people.”

Follow Your Heart, which is probably best known for its vegan mayo and cheese products, isn’t all about food. The LA-based organization promotes home-growing, solar power (their facility runs off of solar power) and sustainability.  And emoji apps. Hey, whatever works to get the word out there. We’re just happy to have a heart-shaped world emoji on the ready.

Images via here, here, and screenshots of my iPhone.