In case you need an alternate political reality, “Veep” is coming back tonight

Yesterday’s Tax Day March was a stark reminder — not that we needed one — that a lot of people aren’t happy with our current President. It was just a few days ago that Trump signed anti-Planned Parenthood legislation. And earlier this month, the US launched an air strike on Syria that was met with mixed reactions. But there’s one political reality where none of this is happening — and that’s in season 6 of HBO’s Veep.

In fact, in that universe, America’s already had it’s first female president and is now onto it’s second after President Selina Meyer was ousted in favor of President Laura Montez.

Actor Timothy Simons was the first to remind us this morning with this very festive tweet — but we’d already been waiting. false

In fact, we’ve been counting down the days since the official season 6 trailer debuted last month.

But as tonight’s premiere approaches, we still have a lot of questions. Namely, if Selina and her crew aren’t in the White House, where is the show going to go? Luckily, showrunner David Mandel gave the dish.

"It’s a year after the big vote where Selina lost the presidency to President Montez. We send everybody to different corners of the globe — everyone is kind of separated. And we get some hints that it hasn’t been a great year for Selina dealing with the loss," he shared. "The notion of Selina losing and the show being about her being a former president really started two years ago, when I initially sat down with HBO and Julia about taking over the show [from series creator Armando Iannucci]. I pitched the concept that she’d lose to Montez, another woman, and ultimately the show would transform into a show about a former president of the United States, which I thought would be really interesting and different."

One thing that viewers have been worried about is blurring the line between fiction and reality. When Sean Spicer is already making Mike McLintock-style gaffes, it’s hard to keep up with the comedy.

But Mandel had an answer for that, too.

"Believe me, our guys are as incompetent as ever — but what helps is that we went down this path of leaving the White House.... It gives us a little distance, a sort of angle on things. If we were still in the White House this season and Mike was still the press secretary behind the podium, and then you go watch the Sean Spicer-Hitler thing, which is real — whatever gaffe we wrote, you’re going to think they’re funnier than us. And that’s not good for a comedy show. So by getting out of that world, we opened ourselves up to some new comedy and less competition with reality, which I think will help us in the long run."

Bottom line? We can’t wait to see what new and absolutely insane adventures the Veep crew gets up to this season — so we’re setting our DVRs now and tuning in live so we don’t miss a second.

We just won’t let any little kids watch with us.

See you tonight, Veep.

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