These Vans remind us of Care Bears and we are FREAKING OUT

“I wanted the shoes to be as hairy as possible.”

That’s how Nordstrom’s vice president of creative partnerships, Olivia Kim, described the sneakers she helped design for Vans as part of her store’s latest Pop-In@Nordstrom event.


We’d say you were more than successful, Ms. Kim!

These fabulously furry shoes are part of a capsule collection that hit Nordstrom stores today and we are dying over their Care Bear-esque vibes.

Just LOOK at these shearling-covered kicks!


You can even get a tiny version and turn your little one into the human Care Bear you’ve always wanted! Squeal!



OK, OK we’ve calmed down. Whew! Actually just one more…



While even Kim acknowledges that the shoes are somewhat impractical—”If they get wet or muddy, they’ll look like a dog that was caught in the rain, so you’ll want to be careful about puddles,” she said — we feel pretty confident that we’ll be seeing these on the feet of every one-time Kandi Kid this fall.


According to Refinery29, you grab a pair for as little as $39.95 for toddlers and $64.95 for adults.

We won’t judge you if you won’t judge us!

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