Vanna White’s hilarious wardrobe malfunction is the perfect holiday fail

Wardrobe malfunctions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they’re downright embarrassing, and sometimes, they’re pleasantly hilarious — and, in the case of Vanna White on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, they can also be pretty festive. 

Being the holiday season, producers had decked out the show in all kinds of Christmassy goodies, including poinsettias, snow-covered trees, and of course, presents. However, being a set, the decorations weren’t actually all that sturdy. Vanna White learned that the hard way.

While walking across the stage to reveal the latest letters, one of the beautifully wrapped presents caught on the hem of her floor-length dress. White was so focused that she didn’t notice the mishap, and ended up hilariously dragging the present along with her across the stage.

We know what really happened, though. The present caught sight of White’s amazing gown and decided that it needed to give it a feel. Or, it confused her with a Christmas tree and tried to put itself in its rightful place. Or, this is Santa’s new way of getting all the presents out on time: attaching them to unknowing bystanders who will help deliver them as they walk.

Whatever the reason, host Pat Sajak could resist replaying the gaffe a couple of times for us all to see this holiday mishap. White handled it like a champ, laughing it off almost as gracefully as she walks across the stage.

Step aside, Pizza Rat. It may be early, but I think we have next year’s super easy, and super funny, Halloween costume.

(Image via YouTube)

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