Vanessa Hudgens’s witchy nails are the ultimate goth-glam goals

From head to toe, Vanessa Hudgens knows how to complete an outfit. Always willing to go the extra mile, we can count on her to accessorize her heart out and look excellent while doing so! So, no surprise here that her Halloween nails were beyond on point — they were a spooky, magical, glam dream! We adore how Vanessa knows that the key to a completed look is nails that will impress, and in this case, creep us out a bit! Just like Vanessa’s hair evolutions and daring fashion choices, her style is always unique and ever-changing depending on the occasion. Who doesn’t appreciate a lady who knows how to switch it up when the time calls for it?

Vanessa showed off her nails on Instagram, and we were instantly drooling!

We’ve maybe never seen anything cooler! How did they do that? It’s so otherworldly and perfect — not just for Halloween!

Her nail artist, So Hot Right Nail, AKA Bel Fountain-Townsend, is a veritable wizard when it comes to nails, and it looks like Halloween was her time to shine!

Nail pop art, what a time to be alive!


This is next-level amazing. Look at that attention to detail!

We could look at these all day — they’re mesmerizing!

Okay, give us one more look at Vanessa’s — we’re obsessed!

Man, is there anything cooler than seriously tricked out nails? And what an amazing talent to have to be able to create that! Mind blowing. Our eyes are peeled for Vanessa’s next great nail look, we know they won’t disappoint!

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