Vanessa Hudgens’ new Netflix movie is like The Christmas Prince meets The Parent Trap

If there are two things we love in this world, it’s actress Vanessa Hudgens and the holidays. And if there’s three things we love, it’s Vanessa Hudgens, the holidays, and anything and everything The Parent Trap-related. So Netflix’s latest trailer for The Princess Switch is essentially a freaking dream come true.

The film, which drops on the streaming service on November 16th, is about a small-town baker named Stacy (Hudgens) who gets invited to a royal baking competition in Europe. There, she meets her exact look-a-alike, Margaret (also Hudgens), who just so happens to be the Duchess of Montenaro and is about to get married to a bona fide prince. As you probably expect, the two decide to switch places for a couple days in order to see how the other half lives, and things get, well, messy.

Check out the trailer below and just try not to get in the holiday spirit.

The film was written by Robin Bernheim and  Megan Metzger (who mostly have TV writing credits to their names thus far) and was directed by Mike Rohl. It also stars Sam Palladio of Nashville and Queen of the South’s Nick Sager.

Now excuse us while we get our comfy PJs and hot cocoa ready—we’re gonna need it come November 16th.