Vanessa Hudgens is the perfect ’90s witch in her “The Craft” costume, and we’re getting major Halloween inspo

It’s that time of year — the time to finalize your Halloween costume! In case you need some ideas, Vanessa Hudgens’s The Craft look just gave us big-time Halloween inspiration. We are super on board with this costume. We already love Halloween costume ideas, and we love Vanessa Hudgens and her style.

And The Craft is one of the greatest Halloween-time movies out there.

If you’ve never seen The Craft, it’s time to have yourself an Old Lady Movie Night and watch it. The movie is dark and clique-y and so very ’90s. Hudgens pulls off the look flawlessly, because of course she does. Hudgens seems to be celebrating Halloween all month long, and we’re into it. The actress has also been posting her rad scary t-shirts and trips to haunted farms all month.

Now, we’re blessed with witchy goodness.

Alongside friend GG Magree, Hudgens posted a seance/The Craft inspired pic with a caption from the movie.

Hm, where have we heard that before?

Both ladies look incredible in their costumes. From the knee high socks and plaid skirt (hello ’90s) to the long black dress and mess of chunky necklaces. Hudgens’s dark lips really seal the deal here.

The friends that post matching Instagram captions together, stay together.

These two are major Halloween goals, and now it’s time to solidify our own costumes. Maybe we can dress up like The Craft and join Hudgens’s clique? We’ll see.

Happy (almost!) Halloween!

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