Vanessa Hudgens Added a Very Realistic-Looking Snake Tattoo to Her Collection

The detail on it is amaaazing.

It’s honestly quite impressive how realistic tattoos can be. Tattoo artists are truly just that—artists who make pictures on your skin. For Vanessa Hudgens, that translates to a her 10th tattoo, a very realistic snake.

Her new little friend, a small boa constrictor, is on the inside of her ankle and was done by Dragon, an artist based in New York. Both the stylish actress and her artist showed off the new ink on Instagram on June 14th, with the actress even including a short video of it in progress. In her video she says, “Love the feeling of a tattoo,” and if you have any of your own, you know exactly what she’s talking about.

The result of her visit to the tattoo shop is this fine-line boa that is scarily real looking but beautiful all the same. It’s the 10th for the former High School Musical star, who also has ink of a butterfly on her neck, a sunflower on her side, an angel on her ribcage, and more. Each of her tattoos is fairly delicate, so her new snake fits right in with the rest.

She hasn’t offered any insight on the reasoning behind this design choice, but the beauty of tattoos is that they’re not only personal to the owner, but they can also mean whatever they want. For all we know, Hudgens just thought the drawing was pretty. (It is.) Whatever the case, we’re just glad she showed it off, because we’re starting to change our minds about not liking snakes…

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