Vanessa Hudgens Plays Three Characters in ‘The Princess Switch’ Sequel

We're so excited for this royal mess.

The Princess Switch had us all seeing double in 2018, and now, get ready to see triple. On Monday, Netflix released the trailer for the holiday rom-com’s sequel, The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, and this time, Vanessa Hudgens plays not two, but three, different characters. In addition to playing Stacy, the baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, Hudgens also takes on the role of a third doppelgänger, Lady Fiona, Margaret’s party girl cousin—and it all sounds like a royally confusing good time.

The sequel trailer shows Stacy happily married to Prince Edward of Belgravia, while Duchess Margaret is unexpectedly inheriting the throne to Montenaro after splitting from boyfriend Kevin. Because no good rom-com exists without someone meddling in their friend’s love life, Stacy is determined to help Margaret and Kevin get back together and she proposes another switch.

However, that’s only the beginning of the chaos, since Lady Fiona shows up and is intent on making a switch of her own to claim the crown. Plus, add in Antonio—a handsome royal friend of Margaret’s who could complicate her relationship with Kevin—and we’ve got a recipe for festive and entertaining disaster.

According to an email sent to Entertainment Weekly, Hudgens shared that she was intimidated but excited when seeing her three different roles in the sequel’s script. “After I read it I thought, ‘Ooh man, this is going to be a lot of work,'” she wrote. “Three of me? Me, myself, and I! I was very excited to create yet another character and had such a blast doing so. I was told they wrote in a new character but I had no idea how much fun it would actually be.”

The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again will premiere on Netflix on November 19th and, according to EW, a third film is already in the works for 2021.

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