Vanessa Hudgens is a pop star again! Listen to her sing on Shawn Hook’s sultry new track “Reminding Me”

Lately, we’ve been used to seeing Vanessa Hudgens’ gorgeous face and acting talent on Powerless (and her amazing Coachella fashion, obviously), but we’re not gonna lie: We’ve been itching to hear her sing. And our wishes have been granted, because Vanessa Hudgens’ and Shawn Hook’s “Reminding Me” — a brand-new, sexy-as-hale bop — just dropped.

And when we say sexy, we mean sexy. Like…Fifty Shades of Grey level, but somehow better because there’s singing and a super-catchy tune involved.

The song’s lyrics are totally relatable for anyone who has tried to rebound with a new person after a breakup to no avail, because they’re still caught up in their last relationship because it was ~true love~. And maybe it wasn’t the healthiest situation, but the passion was all over the place.

Here are some of Vanessa’s lines, to give you an idea of what we mean and oops, been there:

Now he, he's laying in the sheets The ones you bought for me All tangled in a mess It should be you instead

Oh, and the music video? Let’s just say maybe don’t watch it if you have other things to focus on that aren’t sexiness-related. Like work. Wait until happy hour, friends. Or like, after…if happy hour isn’t at home. IDK. You do you.

The silky bed linens. The black lace lingerie. The underwater shots. The longing gazes out skyscraper windows. The passion-charged piano riffs. The formal wear while lounging on that super-comfy-looking couch. We aren’t sure what we like best about this.

The entire music video is below, and upon our 4597th re-watch we are like, “Can we get a whole new Vanessa Hudgens album please?”

You know, Vanessa, it has been almost 10 years since Identified dropped…you totally have time to make an album between now and the anniversary date next summer, we’re JUST sayin’. (We promise we’ll keep watching you on Powerless in the meantime, though!)

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