Vanessa Hudgens just got the manicure of the year for Coachella

Music festivals being about the music is so 1969. In 2016, music festivals are all about the nails, or at least that’s how Coachella is for us now that we’ve seen Vanessa Hudgens’ nails.

Prior to embarking on weekend one of the Indio Valley music festival, the 27 year-old actress, along with her younger sister Stella, spent three hours getting elaborate manicures at Laqué Nail Bar in Beverly Hills. Salon owner Marina Torosian dished with PeopleStyle on all the colorful deets.

“When she originally called and booked the appointment, she had a vision of what she wanted,” Torosian recalled. Perfectly on point with this spring’s nude-colored trend, Hudgens chose an OPI gel color called “Ice-Bergers and Fries,” with a Laqué brand matte top coat. But the polish color was just the foundation. The real jazz was on top, in the decals.

Hudgens adorned each nail with a myriad of Swarovski crystals, each one ranging in size and costing $15 a piece. While the pot leaves on her ring fingers look like 3-D stick-on decals, the height is just a hand painted illusion masterfully created by the Spring Breakers‘ star’s manicurist. 

“The pot leaves were actually drawn on with Vetro polish — it’s one of their signatures called Rose Gold Leaf,” Torosian shared.

Even though Hudgens’ manicure appears too delicate to outlast a weekend of partying in the desert, Torosian said the look should last up to two weeks. 

Of course, we’ll have to wait a week to see, but for now we can find more nail inspiration in the younger Hudgens’ nails. Stella chose a lavender OPI gel color called “Taupe-less beach” with the same matte polish on top. She skipped the leaves but also decorated her tips in Swarovski crystals and pearl appliqués that cost $10 each.

So what’s the damage of the ultimate Coachella manicure? According to Torosian, Vanessa’s nails cost $190, while Stella’s total came to $105. But getting to tell your grandkids about that time you won for best Coachella nails? Priceless.

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